Modernization and reactivation of existing power plants

By modernization and reactivation of existing power plants it is possible to maximise their profitability, fish friendliness and lifetime. Thanks to the innovative DIVE-Technology, the field-experience of the DIVE-engineeres and the in-house production of the DIVE-Turbine it is possible to realize an individually designed solution for existing power plants. Due to the compact design the DIVE-Turbine can be adapted to existing civil works and hydraulic parameters with minimum effort. 



Increase of annual production and profitability

Maximisation of lifetime

Long-term optimization of power plants

OPEX-reduction to an absolute minimum

Meeting of today's and futural requirements of the grid and market


Adavantages of modernization with a DIVE-Turbine

  • Only one interface to the civil works, very compact design
  • Simple connection to existing structure by only one adaption ring
  • Individual adaptation of runner design, runner speed and installation height
  • Upgrade to fish friendly power plant
  • Inverter technology – Adaptation to any grid requirement (static and dynamic)
  • Fully automatic power plant operation with extensive remote service
  • Turbine-generator-unit free from service up to 20 years
  • High plant availability
  • Low-noise, „silent“ power plant operation


Especially for the increasing requirements of the grid, the increasing amount of grid-based start-stopp-cycles and regulation requirements, the demands on the electronic performance of hydro power plants are growing. The electronic regulation of the DIVE-Turbine with variable speed and inverter operation offers high efficiencies and moreover a wider range of grid services, which are integrated during in a modernization project.

DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG has gloabl experience with modernization projects. After an analysis of the existing power plant and the existing turbines, a new turbine solution will be developed individually. The civil works design is defined by flow simulation and therefore the efficiency of the whole power plant will be raised.



Examples Power Plant Modernization with DIVE-Turbines