DIVE-Turbine regulation


The DIVE-Turbine is a propeller turbine with fixed runner blades.

It is regulated by:

1Adaption of runner speed

2 Opening of the guide vanes

The adaption of the runner speed is based upon the permanent magnet generator 3and electronic inverters 4.

The DIVE-Turbine can be single, double or hybrid regulated depending on its application.



DIVE-TurbineRange of Application

Single regulation

Constant discharge or several parallel machines


  1. DIVE-Turbine with generator

  2. Grid synchronisation and compensation – generator protection

  3. Transformer

  4. Grid

  5. Power plant control

Double regulation

Alternating discharge


  1. DIVE-Turbine with generator

  2. Generator inverter

  3. DC-Link

  4. Grid inverter

  5. Transformer

  6. Grid

  7. Power plant control

Hybrid regulation

Variable discharge - mainly full load operation

For operation points with more than 70% of discharge the inverters are bypassed with direct grid feed-in at constant runner speed.


  1. DIVE-Turbine with generator

  2. Switch

  3. Generator inverter

  4. DC-Link

  5. Grid inverter

  6. Grid synchronisation and compensation unit – Generator protection

  7. Transformer

  8. Grid

  9. Power plant control