French Power Plant Les Talcs on the grid

March 2022

At the end of 2021 hydro power plant Les Talcs has succesfully started operation in France.

Hydro power plant Les Talcs is located in the South of Toulouse in the Ariège region and has been equipped with a DIVE-HAX-Turbine for medium head applications. The new turbine has an installed capacity of 300kW and can therefore provide energy for about 375 households, saving 600 tons of CO2 per year.

The runner of the DIVE-HAX-Turbine is a half-axial, Deriaz-runner with fixed runner blades. All DIVE-Turbines are regulated by adaptable runner speed and adaptable guide vanes.

The new turbine in Les Talcs is the fourth DIVE-Turbine with half-axial runner out of more than 50 DIVE-Turbines already in operation all over the world.  Due to their patented bearing and sealing system DIVE-Turbine are permanently flood-proof and free from wearing.

Picture gallery Les Talcs