The DIVE-Turbine is a propeller turbine with high efficiencies and many advantages – especially in terms of service and operation.

The DIVE-Technology is protected by a series of patents and provides a unique solution for low and medium head applications.



Runner with fixed runner blades – double regulation by speed variation and pitchable guide vanes

The double regulated DIVE-Turbine can operate from 5% to 100% of its installed discharge capacity and at a wide range of head variations. Thanks to the double regulation it can be operated with high efficiencies at different operating points. Therefore a DIVE-HAX is replacing a two-unit (Francis) with the single unit for medium head applications.


Patented DIVE-Bearing and DIVE-Sealing

Maintenance-free sealing concept and only one longlasting bearing unit for turbine and generator: The whole turbine-generator unit is permanently submersible (flood-proof).


Permanent magnet generator – no mechanical transmission

The permanent magnet generator is directly connected with the turbine. The runner speed of the turbine is variable (double regulation) or fix (single regulation).


Minimum time for grid synchronisation and real time adjustments

Cos φ and output voltage can be adapted according to real-time or static grid requirements. The inverter operation allows the grid connection already at 5% load.


Capable of direct grid connection and hybrid solution

In case of constant hydraulic parameters it is possible to connect the DIVE-HAX-generator directly to the grid to reach highest efficiencies without inverter losses. For power plants with high annual full load operation and still significant part load operation a hybrid solution is possible: the inverters are bypassed at full load. In part load they are re-connected.


Black start capable

The DIVE-Turbine is black start capable without any additional or auxiliary equipment.


Safe conditions at runaway speed

The bearing unit and sealing system of the DIVE-Turbine is able to handle runaway speed without the risk of damaging any parts of the turbine, even without auxiliary power supply. Therefore the operational risks are minimal, especially when the power plant is connected to an electrical grid with frequent grid failures. Additionally it allows to close the guide vanes slowly to avoid a water hammer in the system.


5% - 100% nominal discharge

The inverter operation of the DIVE-Turbine permits currency production from 5% of nominal discharge.


-70% to +50% nominal head

The electronic regulation allows for highest efficiencies and adaption of the runner speed from -70% to +50% of the nominal head.


Particles – no de-sanding necessary

The geometry, fluid mechanics and the materials of the DIVE-Turbine have a significantly higher resistance against abrasion due to sediments. Therefore the DIVE-Turbine can handle bigger particles compared to a Francis-Turbine. Thus, the de-sanding requirements are less critical and the sand trap can be designed much smaller. Therefore the required space, cost and head losses of the sand trap are significantly lower.


Fish friendly turbine and rake systems

The DIVE-Turbine is a fish friendly turbine. Moreover, it is possible to realize an allover fish friendly hydropower plant by combining fish friendly rakes and bypass systems with the DIVE-Turbine.


No water hammer – Slow closing of guide vanes at runaway speed

The patented sealing and bearing of the DIVE-Turbine allow for a operation at runaway speed without any risk and therefore for a slow closing of guide vanes in case of grid failure. Therefore, a water hammer is avoided.


No emergency valve necessary

Due to the resistance for runaway operation and the maintenance-free sealing system it is not necessary to install an emergency valve. The cost for civil works are minimized.


Minimum noise and vibration

The runner of the DIVE-Turbine is directly connected to the generator without mechanical transmission (gearbox): noise and vibration are minimized. The inverters can be water-cooled and operate in a completely closed system. Only minimal noise or sounds reach out of the power house. Thus, the DIVE power plant is suitable for residential and naturally protected areas.


Range of ApplicationApplications


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