The DIVE-Turbine is a propeller turbine with high efficiencies and many advantages – especially in terms of service and operation.

The DIVE-Technology is protected by a series of patents and provides a unique solution for low and medium head applications.

Characteristics Technical benefits Benefits for operator and owner
Turbine and generator unit completely submerged
  • No turbine house required
  • Minimum cost of civil works
  • Save operation in flood-areas
Reduced investment
Direct-drive, free of mechanical transmission
  • Minimum noise and vibration
  • Free from maintenance and free from wear and tear
  • No gearbox or belt-drive losses
Hydropower in residental areas
Patented, single DIVE-bearing unit for turbine and generator
  • Permanent lubrication of bearing unit in oil bath
  • Leakage of lubricants (oil) impossible
  • No danger in cases of runaway speed and grid interruption
Minimum operational cost and risk
Patented, wear and tear free sealing system
  • No necessity of a costly sealing system
  • Free from maintenance and free from wear and tear
  • Save operation in saline and dirty water
Maximum technical availability and no risk at flood situations
Fixed runner blades
  • No maintenance and wear-intense pitching of the runner
  • Runner design optimized for max. efficiency
  • Zero-gap and fish friendly runner
Better chance of gaining approval due to a fish friendly power plant
Double regulation by variation of speed and pitching of the guide vanes
  • High efficiency at part-load (reduced flow)
  • Fish friendly hydropower plant operation
  • Discharge from 10% to 100%
High annual revenue
Components in contact with water made of stainless steel
  • High resistance against wear and corrosion
High durability of the main components (e.g. runner and guide vanes)


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