Third DIVE power plant in Croatia set into operation

March 2017

At the end of December 2016 the third DIVE power plant in Croatia has been set into operation by the DIVE-Team. The power plant „Dabrova Dolina“ („beaver valley“) has a capacity of 280kW. It is located at the river Mrežnica, in the south of city Karlovac. The runner diameter of the DIVE-Turbine is 1080mm at 7,30m head. 


The DIVE-Turbine is installed inside an underground turbine chamber due to aesthetic reasons. The turbine chamber is a closed steel casing. The underground turbine design is only possible due to the direct connection of generator and turbine without mechanical transmission or gear box.  This concept is based on the maintenance free sealing system of the DIVE-Turbine. The electrotecnical and other auxiliary equipment of the turbine is stored in a simple office container that has been installed at a flood-save position close to the turbine.

Ecological aspects were challenging for the design and planning of the power plant: the intake had to be designed in such a way that the waterfall next to the power plant will never be dry. The outtake of water is without any weir. Upstream and downstream migration of animals is now still possible via waterfall and via a ramp structure at one side of the waterfall. In combination with the fine rake and the fish friendly DIVE-Turbine the power plant Dabrova Dolina has become a showcase for ecological hydro power.

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